iShareMedia is an established company with vast technical video experiences. We provide multimedia video services to our clients for over the past 10 years.

Firstly, we will start with conceptualisation, casting, and a shooting schedule to lay down the foundation for the project.

Secondly, is the actual filming process. Our friendly team uses professional equipments to ensure quality of work. Enjoy stress-free stardom during every filming days.

Lastly, the compilation using non-liner video editing tools. Our professional editors will work on the video footages so your video is ready for your audience.

Our Video Capabilities

Camera OperationsSingle Camera Operations ; Multi-Camera Operations (Up to 4 Cameras)
Video TypesPlanned Single Video Productions ; Live Stream Video Productions
QualityUp to 4K High Resolution Video Contents
PlatformsWebsites, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, General Use
Live StreamYoutube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch Live

Basic Video Package (Up to 3 mins)
Price: SGD $500

PACKAGE INCLUDES– Concept & Planning
– 2 Hours Video Shoot 
– 3 Minutes Final Video
– Download Link (Final Video Only)
Final Video ($50/min block)
EQUIPMENTS– Single Camera
– One Wireless Clip-on Mic
– Tripod
– Gimbal (For Walking/Moving shots)
– Filming Hours ($80/hr)
– Camera + Crew ($120/hr)
– Line Mic ($100/mic)
– Wireless Mic ($250/mic)
EDITING Video Editing (2 Drafts + 1 Final)
1st Draft – 5 working days
2nd Draft ‐ 3 working days
Final Edit – 2 working days
– Editing ($80/draft)
– Subtitles ($50/min of video)
– Urgent Edits ($300, 3 working days, 1 Draft + 1 Final)
– Link to all Raw Files ($250)

Lifestyle Series

Property Series

Piano Series